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Our comprehensive Product Management training and consulting is perfect for industrial and B2B organizations seeking to maximize the success of their product lines. We have provided Product Manager training and consulting services to companies worldwide. 

Maximal Product Manager Training


All Product Managers are not alike. They come from many different areas within and outside of your organization. Each with different levels of knowledge and varying degrees of skill. 

Maximal product manager training is customized to your business needs and the unique needs of each of your product managers. The training is deeply immersive, measured and continuous. We work with you to tailor the training and establish benchmarks to measure results. 


I highly recommend Maximal. They offer market centric, practical, hands on tools that will help raise the commercial acumen of your product management organization. T.C. President

I worked with Maximal as we were upgrading our Product Management team and looking for training and process that we could standardize across the organization. Maximal took the time to understand our organization and goals and did not try to push a predetermined generic process in place. I highly recommend Maximal to help you with your organizational development. S.G. VP Global Sales and Marketing


Comprehensive Product Manager Consulting

Unlocking the full potential of your Product Managers requires a comprehensive approach. Product Manager success relies on having the right people, properly organized, and supported with the appropriate tools and processes. 

A gap in any one of these areas will adversely impact product manager performance and ultimately product success. Maximizing product manager performance starts with finding and fixing the gaps.

Gap Discovery Audit

Is your organization prepared to support strategic Product Management?
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Profiler PM Assessment

Do you have the right people aligned for the Product Manager role?
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Consulting Services

Are your systems and processes sufficient enough to support your Product Manager?
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If you suspect your organization has a gap, Maximal’s GAP Discovery™ process can help you find your GAP areas, identify ways to fix them, and put your product managers on the path to success.

I worked with Maximal to develop a Product Management organization and the associated product strategy. They did a terrific job of listening to the stakeholders, understanding our business and the needs of our customers. They were able to take this information and help guide the team to a very detailed product strategy that set us on a path toward product leadership. Their knowledge of the product management process, ability to develop strong relationships and strong coaching capability has made them successful. T.L. President & CEO

Product Management | Simplified

Maximal Strategist is a product management software — the first and only online decision engine designed to provide enterprise-wide strategic insights into your product portfolio. Orchestrate your product management better with an easy-to-use, single web platform providing real-time insights.


Product Management Articles

Read Our Book 

Dominate Your Space: Book about Product Management

Dominate Your Space:

Unleashing the Power of Your Product Managers
By Greg DiCillo

“As the requirement for strong B2B marketing grows, product management is the cornerstone of assembling true marketing competency. Greg’s book will soon become the must-read reference for all business executives looking to optimize their product portfolios, satisfy customers, and deliver growth.”

—John H. Jacko Jr., VP and chief marketing officer, Kennametal Inc.

Product Management is What Defines a Company

The most crucial component of a company’s success is delivering new and better products—yet one of the most common factors for failure is underutilizing or misunderstanding the role of product management. Dominate Your Space: Unleashing the Power of Your Product Managers explains the essentials for building and sustaining a high-performance product-management team that will oversee all stages of a product’s life cycle and help fuel profits in any economy. In Dominate Your Space you’ll:

  • Discover the Thirteen Product Manager Mistakes (and how to avoid them)
  • Find out how to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your organization’s product-management strategies
  • Join in on the secrets of an elite cadre who have mastered the product-management techniques guaranteed to drive corporate profits and growth
  • Learn the attributes of effective product managers and the powerful role they must play in a company’s future

Many executives and thousands of product managers have benefited from the know-how and insights contained in this book. The bottom line is this: to dominate your space in the market, you must unleash the power of good product management. 

About Us

When you hire us, you hire the principles of the company. With over forty years combined Product Management experience, we provide you with insights that nobody else can. Our singular goal is to see your company streamline its Product Management for profitability and work satisfaction.