About Maximal’s Customized Training Process

Don’t just train. Transform your business.

Those who sense they have a product management GAP usually consider training for the cure. But training is little more than a band-aid that fails when you neglect to deal with the underlying structural, organizational and functional issues that can impact product manager performance. Without understanding how all the pieces of product management work together, you won’t solve your product management training problem and you will waste money. Maximal’s Customized Training Process helps you bring the right training for your organization in a way that can easily be integrated with other aspects of your organization, with learning and deliverables that can be applied immediately.

Steps in the Maximal Customized Training Process

  1. One-Hour FREE Consultation. Maximal will conduct a preliminary consultation with your company around its training needs and what it means. From here, we can prescribe the appropriate next steps for creating an optimized training program that improves the product management competency of your company.
  2. Training Development. Working in collaboration with your product managers and key stakeholders we will create a customized program suited to your company’s situation and needs. The facilitated process will help company leaders, product managers, and key stakeholders come together to more deeply explore the company’s training needs and identify specific strategies and actions that can enhance the learning process. .
  3. Training Delivery. A training program that is tailored to your specific needs, comprehensive in scope and deliverables, and sustainable. A work plan will be provided outlining the specific training areas, scope, timing, and deliverables. Everything you will need to reinforce the learnings with existing product managers and when onboarding new product managers.