Profiler PM™ Assessment Process

No amount of training can make a person with the wrong skill set or competencies an effective product manager. What’s more, even the best product manager will fall short of success if not properly supported by the organization.  Here’s how Maximal’s comprehensive Profiler Assessment will make your product managers more efficient — improving your organization’s ability to scale for growth profitably:

Personnel alignment: Do you have the right people? Do they have the skills and abilities needed? Do they have the right attributes and traits to succeed? Are your product managers properly aligned to the roles and responsibilities they are expected to perform?

Resources: Do you have enough resources to deliver the desired results?

Organizational structure: Are you structured for success? Are your product management resources allocated to handle strategic, coordination, and tactical responsibilities efficiently?

Performance: Are your product managers working on the right things? Are the right metrics in place to encourage the behavior you want from your product managers?

Steps in the Profiler Assessment

  1. One-Hour FREE Consultation. Maximal will conduct a preliminary consultation with your company about its Profiler™ Assessment and what it means. From here, we can prescribe the appropriate next steps for improving or optimizing your product management organization.
  2. Profiler Assessment. Full engagement begins with a Profiler Assessment customized to your company’s situation and need as identified in step one. The Profiler session includes an online survey and 1:1 interviews with all individuals in product management.
  3. Deliverable. A product manager performance model, assessments, and management tools to help you transform your product management team into high-performance product portfolio managers and strategists.